What do you do when you've had a long, tortured love affair with a novel, and you need some space so you can gain perspective? If you're like me, you start seeing other stories on the side. And maybe you feel kinda guilty because your little fling with these other characters and their shapely plot lines gives you a jolt of excitement. You ask yourself, "Does this mean that my long-term literary love no longer does it for me?" Nah. To your amazement, you return to find that those side pieces made you better prepared to deliver what your big-deal project requires. 


That Day

What happens to the people left behind when a family member is lost? 


Escape Velocity

That moment when you realize that you have to break away from everything you know in order to be who you were meant to be. 


The Ring

The perfect night. The perfect girl. The perfect setting. But will a careless whisper shatter the best laid plans?