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Today's Lesson: Black Lives Matter

Genre: Young Adult Fiction
91 pages
paperback & e-book (Amazon + Barnes and Noble)



The book is aimed at every black teen who has tried to reconcile the insistence that America is a meritocracy with everyday evidence that its scales aren’t fairly weighted, and at every adult who has had to sit down with a black child they love and have “The Talk” about how to survive encounters with police and school administrators. It features 16-year-old twin brothers Marcus and Malcolm Carter. The story starts in the aftermath of Marcus having been kicked out of class for arguing with his chemistry teacher over police shootings of unarmed black people and the Black Lives Matter movement. Marcus stands accused of assaulting her; he's facing the prospect of a year's suspension and criminal prosecution. The story touches on he and his family's up close and personal experience with police brutality, as well as the disproportionate punishments meted out to black students by school administrators, and the school-to-prison pipeline. 


the carter boys series

Today's Lesson: Black Lives Matter is the first in a series of The Carter Boys books with the protagonists Marcus and Malcolm Carter. Marcus, a writer/editor, and Malcolm, an artist/designer, both work for a local community newspaper. The people they meet in their racially and economically diverse fictional town of Hamilton will trigger the exploration of a range of social topics including homelessness, child poverty, environmental racism, and the absence of people of color in their school's history books. 





Tha' House

Genre: Fiction
400 pages
paperback & e-book (Amazon + Barnes and Noble)

College life can be stressful. Classes are hard. Money's tight. There's laundry to do. Roommates to deal with. Sex. And there are tough questions to answer that don't appear on any test. Who am I? Where am I going? Trying to figure it out is part of the experience. But when Dhani Jefferson arrives at a college created to educate the children of rich, white southerners, these concerns are heaped atop the knowledge that his parents are still less than pleased about his decision not to attend Morehouse College, his dad's alma mater, or another historically black school. The Brooklyn native periodically second-guesses his choice when life at a bastion of wealth and white privilege forces a grappling with racism that tests him and his friends in ways that most of his classmates will never experience or even imagine.

Tha' House is a new work of fiction by Willie D. Jones, aka willthewordsmith. The story focuses on three undergraduates at Coleridge University in Nashville, Tennessee: Dhani, from Brooklyn; Jason, from Pensacola, Florida; and Ricky, from Columbia, Missouri. Classwork, relationships, and encroaching adulthood, with which all students wrestle, play out alongside a course of studies—in white supremacy management—for which there is neither an official enrollment period nor a mechanism for opting out.